Four Common Questions before Headshot Sessions

Getting headshots done is something most people freak out about because they are going to have to spend a significant chunk of change up front to get them done - you're looking at a photographer, possible hair/makeup and prints from a source that does headshots well (this is more important than you think).  Having an actor for a wife and shot numerous actors, professionals and childrens' headshots, here are a few helpful tips for the most common questions we get.

1. How much do you charge?

Straight and to-the-point - $150 per headshot session which gets you four (4) retouched headshots.  If you think you may need some help, be sure and ask your photographer what they charge for hair and makeup and if they have a sample of any of their work. 

2. What kind of outfits should I bring?

You should bring 2-3 different tops to mix and match, and preferably ones that accent your eyes, hair and skin tone.  Stay away from textures, patterns and overly saturated colors.  These are distracting and you want the casting director looking at YOUR FACE!  For the ladies - tank tops are normally good for showing slender neck lines and shoulders.  Guys have it easy - you really can't go wrong with a solid colored v-neck shirt and well-groomed facial hair.  Don't show up to the shoot looking like a werewolf, unless your attempting an indie-film-repressed Adrien Grenier. 

3. How are you going to send my images?

I remember ordering seeing the bill for my high school senior portraits and remember being appalled by how much photographers were charging to send you "physical proofs" for you to choose from.  That's not the way the world works anymore.  

Digital delivery is one of the keys to our success because it's fast, easy and you can choose which ones you want to have edited.  It's a highly customized experience you can do on your phone, and it's one that has left all of our clients happy and satisfied. We use a personalized image gallery platform that allows you full access to the images of your choosing.  You let us know which ones you would like edited and we work our magic over the next 2-3 business days.   After they're delivered, you can download them and order them from your favorite print shop (take a look at Dirt Cheap Headshots for a great deal on smaller orders). 

4. Are you going to print them for me?

Not unless you don't know how to use the World Wide Web, in that case, you're probably not submitting your audition footage to the right person ;-) We are happy to make recommendations about where you can order your prints from, but our base price does not include physical prints.  We've found you can get things a lot cheaper and faster if you go to a reputable source like Dirt Cheap Headshots listed above. 

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